The FD Ready Course

Immersive training today for the Finance Directors of tomorrow


We shine a light on you – highlighting your leadership style and values. 

Define what you know about yourself as a leader, partner, confidant, influencer, strategist and more!

With proven techniques and practise, we help you hold yourself accountable as you level up your performance.  

Develop your own skills and raise your finance team’s game with your vision, values and self-awareness.

We prepare you to perform (don’t worry, we won’t record unless you want us to!) at the level you need to be at.

Create clarity from confusion, collaboration instead of conflict and view obstacles as opportunities for growth. 

Practise applying the techniques you learn to real business situations that FDs have to handle every day.

Push out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone with dedicated support every step of the way.
You’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!



Perform without fear. Grow without limits.

It’s time to build and lead that high performing finance team!

We bring everything together for a final real-time business simulation that gives you practical experience of high-pressure situations that FDs encounter every day.

Apply the techniques you’ve learned to cement your fine-tuned skillset as a fresh Finance Director. 

By the end – you are 100% FD Ready!

Who is the ideal candidate for FD Ready?

Tailored for high performing finance professionals that are next in line to becoming an FD at their current company or prospective employer.

Replace traditional CPD training courses with hands-on practical and immersive training.

Rest assured knowing that any fresh FD Ready graduate is 100% ready for their demanding new role. 

CEOs, CFOs and HRDs that are on the hunt for a new FD – stop wasting time and money on the search for an outside hire and promote from within. 

Develop your candidate’s multifaceted skill set with a programme designed with the real-world challenges of FDs in mind. 

Ideal for all types of high performing finance professionals and consultants – business partners, controllers, heads and managers of finance, commercial decision support, FP&A and more.

The FD Ready Course

Our courses can be specifically tailored to your needs.  We develop a course programme with you that fits with your learning requirements and outcomes, your time availability and of course your budget. We can deliver our training in a traditional classroom, a virtual classroom or a hybrid of both. All have their benefits, the choice is yours.

Our programme is divided into 3 modules:

1. The Leader

Leadership mindset and driving team performance through vision, values and self-awareness.

We start by looking at the mindset of a self-aware leader: How do you lead yourself? How do you lead others? 

We then move on to look at how you inspire teams with clear vision and values: How do you create a high performing team? How do you role model the behaviour that creates ownership and action that demonstrates your value to the business?

2. The Partner

Commercial acumen, strategic focus and business partnering. We look at what it means to be commercial, how strategic focus adds long term value and how effective business partnering makes you the ‘go to’ person in your business.

You will learn influence and communication techniques that show you how to create clarity from confusion, turn conflict into collaboration and see obstacles as opportunities.

3. The Performer

Bring everything together in an immersive business simulation that takes you out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone. Because there’s nothing quite like doing it for real.

We design business scenarios inspired by real events that any FD will have to handle if they want to succeed. We bring everything we learn together with trained actors and business coaches and you into high pressure situations: How can you draw on what you have learned to navigate, negotiate and lead when the pressure is really on?

Please contact us and we will create a course programme tailored to your needs.

Course Outcomes

  1. Know how to build and lead a high performance finance team through vision, values and self-awareness.
  2. Know how to create clarity from confusion, turn conflict into collaboration and see obstacles as opportunities.
  3. Know how to do navigate, negotiate and lead when the pressure is really on.

Learning Platforms

FD Ready is available to candidates in the UK and throughout the world. Our experiential training sessions can be delivered virtually, in a traditional classroom or a combination of both. We design a programme that delivers outstanding learning outcomes that can be delivered in a way that works for you.