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I’m Iain Dewson, the founder of FD Ready.

Let me help introduce you to the course, and why we decided to create an innovative approach to developing finance leaders into board-ready Finance Directors!

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How do we do it?

We use an innovative 3-part development process to make sure that finance leaders have what it takes to step up to Finance Director level.

Learn more about our immersive training process and how we make sure candidates are 100% FD Ready.

Our immersive 3-step learning process

for future Finance Directors:


We shine a light on you,
your leadership style, your values, your unique skill set.

When the cameras are ready to roll, you are ready too. (Don’t worry, we won’t film unless you want us to!)



Perform without fear to set the tone at the top, create action and deliver outcomes.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to stop wasting time with a traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development?


We focus on finance leaders. FD Ready is tailored to make sure that you achieve the very best learning outcomes that will make you a high-performance Finance Director.


We go deep. Dig below the surface of every topic to uncover its intricacies and learn how to make these techniques work for you.


We gain experience from doing it for real. The best way to learn is by actively applying your knowledge in real-life scenarios. So when the time comes, you know you are ready.

Learn more about defining your pathway to FD and how FD Ready makes sure that you can step up without skipping a beat.

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