Pathway to FD

Does the next generation of Finance Directors in your organisation have what it takes to succeed the current generation? Are they FD Ready?

Turn potential into reality by developing the skills of tomorrow’s Finance Directors today.  Prepare the next generation of Finance Directors now so that they are ready to succeed in their next role.  FD Ready is the high performing development programme that you need right now.

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Are you ready to stop wasting time on the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development?

Once you’ve sat through one leadership development programme you’ve sat through them all, right?  

Traditional one-size-fits-all leadership development training courses make sense in the moment, but when the dust settles you can be left wondering… “How will this actually get me ready to be a Finance Director?”

The bottom line is – you’re not FD Ready!

Before long, you’re back in the old routine, busy, busy, busy. You don’t try out the things you learned because you stop searching for that precious sliver of time to refer to your stack of notes from that leadership course. 
Within a few weeks you forget about it and realise that, despite your best intentions, you’re not much further forward.  

Imagine a training programme that really gets finance leaders ready to make the step up to being an FD with confidence, no searching for that sliver of time, no flicking through that stack of notes. Just practised and easy-to-apply techniques that make you FD Ready.

You need a training programme that’s immersive, experiential and exciting. Draw from creative business simulations where you experience applying your skills to overcome the very real challenges that FDs face every day. FD Ready takes you out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone. The thing is, the pathway to Finance Director is different, just as the pathway to other director roles is different. That’s why our specially designed FD Ready programme will make you 100% ready to hit the ground running!

Here is what a typical career pathway to FD and CFO level looks like:

Profile of a board-ready FD:

If you are FD READY you are…

  • An influential business partner with commercial and operational acumen
  • A trusted advisor and leader with values, vision and self-awareness
  • A clear communicator with the ability to always prioritise and focus on what matters
  • A pragmatic decision maker
  • A strategic thinker and tactical operator